How far you know IELTS?

Welcome to IELTS GT Quiz. Take the test How far you know IELTS? and assess your understanding of the IELTS GT test. This quiz lists down some very basic questions about the IELTS test. It is expected that you already know all the answers to these questions and do not have any confusion about them. However, if you find it hard to finish this test, we recommend you to read the FAQ section. 

What is the full form of IELTS?
How many sub-sections are there in an IELTS test?
How long will it take you to finish the IELTS exam?
What are the four sections/sub-tests of IELTS?
How long do you have to finish your writing test?
Will your previous IELTS score affect your new score?
Can a test taker combine test results from multiple tests?
Can someone ask for extra papers during the writing test?
How long will the IELTS result remain valid?
What is the total band score in an IELTS Exam?
How long does the IELTS Listening test take?
How soon can someone repeat the IELTS test?
How long does the Reading Section last?
What are the two tasks in IELT GT Writing section?
How many questions will there be in the Listening section?
What is the minimum word requirement for Writing Task 1?
Is there any negative marking for the wrong answer in IELTS test?
What is the pass mark in IELTS GT test?
What if you are unable to take your scheduled IELTS test?
Does someone have to take all four sections when he/she re-takes IELTS?

Thank you for taking the test. We hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Trying for the first time.

  2. I enjoyed taking this test.

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