IELTS Vocabulary Quiz

Welcome to your IELTS Vocabulary Quiz. Take the quiz and find out how strong your vocabulary is for the
IELTS test.

1. Which expression should you use to 'repeat a statement'?
2. Which one of the following is NOT a sports-related vocabulary?
3. Which of the following expressions you should use to give an opinion?
4. Which of the following is "food & eating habit" related vocabulary?
5. Which of the following could be used when expressing uncertainty?
6. "To pour down" means -
7. We can mean "very noisy" using -
8. Instead of using “interesting”, you can use –
9. What does the word "delve" mean?
10. The word "venerate" means -
11. Which words/expressions you should use to show reasons and causes"?
12. Which one would you use to show contrast?
13. Which of the following you would NOT use to add emphasis?
14. What is the antonyms 'surge'?
15. The word "decry" means -

Thank you for taking the test. We hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Kindly score me with vocabulary quiz. Thank you.

  2. I need more Quizzes on IELTS General Training Module.

  3. Hope I did my best.

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