Letter Writing Quiz

Take the Letter Writing Quiz and challenge your understanding of the GT IELTS Writing Task 1, also known as Letter Writing. You will encounter some basic to tricky questions in this test and we hope you score 100% in it.

Besides, checking how well you know about GT IELTS Writing Task 1, this test gives you some pretty useful question to finetune your letter writing skills. Best of luck!

How long should you take to finish your letter writing?
What is the minimum word requirement of an IELTS Letter?
How many letter(s) do you need to write in your IELTS GT test?
An IELTS letter can be either -
How do you open an informal letter?
How do you close an informal letter?
How do you open a semi-formal letter?
Which one you should NOT write in a semi-formal letter?
When you write a letter to your landlord -
What type of letter do you write when you are complaining to a bank?
A letter to the editor of a newspaper is a -
How should you NOT start a formal letter?
Should you open an informal letter with personal greetings.
Should you write your full address in an IELTS letter?
Will you lose marks for spelling mistakes?
Which of the following is not a situation when you write a formal letter?
When you do Not write a semi-formal letter?
Which of the following combination is correct?
Which one of the following is a formal expression?
How you should NOT start an informal letter?

Thank you for taking the test. We hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Given questions were quite basic.

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