Advantages of computer-delivered IELTS

If you use a computer frequently, you might find the idea of taking the IELTS test on a computer pretty appealing. In fact, there are certain advantages to taking an IELTS test on a computer. So before deciding which one to take, paper-based IELTS or computer-delivered IELTS, you might want to know the exact advantages that computer-based IELTS offer. To learn more, also explore our computer-delivered IELTS FAQ and What is computer-delivered IELTS section.

Advantages of taking a computer-delivered IELTS test:

# 1. You will have more test dates to choose from. If you choose to take a computer-delivered IELTS test, you will have essentially more flexibility to choose your exam date.

# 2. Your results will be available in 5-7 days. In the case of a paper-based IELTS test, it takes around 13 days for the results to be published. But if you take a computer-delivered IELTS test, you will get your result in 5 to 7 days. So if you are in a hurry, you might consider taking a computer-delivered IELTS test.

# 3. The whole process of booking the computer-delivered IELTS test is a lot easier and less confusing. Well, that depends on how you define “easier”. However, most of the candidates who registered for the computer-delivered IELTS test told that it is easier and less confusing because they just went to the authorised test centres with necessary papers and money and the friendly staff at the test centre helped them to a great extent. According to them, the experience was hassle-free as there were fewer forms to fill up and fewer emails and terms and conditions to handle.

# 4. You will take the test in a single day. When you take a paper-based IELTS, you take the Speaking test on a different date, ether a few days prior or after the Listening, Reading and Writing tests. However, when you take the computer-delivered IELTS test, you take the speaking test on the same day. So you essentially complete the whole test in a single day. Moreover, you can decide whether you want to take the Speaking test before of after the remaining three tests. That is great flexibility for many, especially for executives who are busy in their office.

# 5. You take the test in a small crowd. Well, the test centres designated for the computer-delivered IELTS are less crowded as only a few candidates will take the test. Moreover, the “test authority” uses noise cancellation technology which makes the exam hall more friendly and favourable.

# 6. If you feel comfortable writing on a computer, you can take this test more confidently. Well, this needs no explanation. If you are one of those who have a good typing speed and feel more comfortable typing on a computer rather than writing on a piece of paper, this test is for you.

# 7. Answer correction and correcting mistakes is hassle-free on a computer. Consider, correcting spellings when you write on a paper, you either ‘erase a few words or the whole sentence’ or ‘completely strikethrough it and then rewrite it. Imagine doing the same one a computer- you just press the Backspace or Delete button and rewrite. That’s definitely easier and time-saver for an exam in which time is your greatest enemy!

# 8. Many test centres have individual cubicles, with fewer people taking the test. So it’s easier to concentrate and possibly less stressful. When you concentrate well, you perform well. So, individual cubicles and less interaction in modern test centres that administer computer-delivered IETLS test are often preferred by many candidates.

# 9. You will have much flexibility about when you take the test (e.g. in the morning or afternoon, before the Speaking or after the Speaking test). And it is really convenient for busy executives. We know many test-takers who have always wanted to take the test in the evening rather than in the morning. With different slots in a day, computer-delivered IELTS test now offers you this flexibility.

# 10. You no longer need to worry about your handwriting and its clarity and neatness! That’s right. Many candidates are worried that their handwriting is not pretty neat and might affect their band score. With computer-delivered IELTS, you no longer need to worry about it as you will type instead of writing on a paper.

# 11. You can go backwards and forwards whenever you want to. Yes, even if you take a computer-delivered IELTS test, you can go back to previous questions or pages to correct an answer or can go forward as you would be able to do in a paper-based test. Just use the backward or forward arrows to do so. You can even click on a particular question number shown at the bottom of the screen when you take the Listening or Reading test, to directly go to that question which is quite convenient.

# 12. You can adjust the volume during the Listening test, highlight text during the Listening and Reading test, take help from word count during your Writing test and edit your writing more easily than paper-and-pencil based test. Yes, during your Listening and Reading tests, you can use your mouse or keyboard to highlight a particular word, sentence or paragraph and choose the colour of the highlighter. This is really handy to answer Reading and Listening questions. Besides, a word count during the Writing test would be a great help for every candidate who takes a computer-delivered IELTS test.

# 13. You can change the font size of the text. So you do not need to worry about reading from the computer screen.

# 14. And finally, managing time with an on-screen timer is much convenient. It will flash and turn red when you have 5 and 10 minutes left in your Writing and Reading tests.

Computer-delivered IELTS Immersive Experience – by IDP

Advantages of taking the “Reading” test in a computer-delivered exam:

There are a number of advantages in taking the reading test in a computer-delivered exam. For example, it can be really easy and convenient to read and answer the questions since we can see the passage on the left-hand side of the computer screen and the questions on the right-hand side of the screen. In other words, a computer-delivered exam offers a better peripheral view of the questions and answers. Besides, the test takers can also use features like highlighting the texts and increasing the fonts which are not possible on the paper-based test. Finally, people can also use the ‘copy/paste’ feature to reduce the scope of typing errors.

Advantages of taking the “Writing” test in a computer-delivered exam:

There are a couple of advantages of taking the writing test in a computer-delivered IELTS exam. First one is that one doesn’t really need to count the words manually as the computer itself will do the job for the test takers. Secondly, it is easier to edit the writings by using the “cut”, “copy” and “paste” features when taking a computer-delivered Writing test. For those who mostly write on a computer, it is easier for them to type their essay, graph or letter rather than writing them on a paper using a pen or pencil. Finally, you do not need to worry about your handwriting and its neatness or readability if you take the computer-delivered test.

Advantages of taking the “Listening” test in a computer-delivered exam:

If you take the Listening test on a computer, you can highlight the text. For some candidates, this might not seem like a major advantage, but many find it helpful. Besides, you can use the “Tab” key of your keyboard to move from one part to another.

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