Letter Sample #70 – Letter to the manager of conference centre

Your company is going to organise a special training course for a few staffs. Your manager has asked you to find out if the local conference centre has the right facilities to hold this course.

Write a letter to the manager of the conference centre. In your letter:

– give details about the course
– describe what equipment you will need for the course
– ask some further questions about the facilities at the conference centre

Write at least 150 words.

Letter Sample #64 – Invite a friend to watch a film/movie with you

Write a letter to invite your English-speaking friend, who lives in the same city you live in, to watch a new film/movie with you about your country.

Write a letter to him/her. In the letter:

– include some information about the film/movie
– explain why your friend might be interested to watch the film/movie
– inform other arrangements you will be making for watching the film/movie

Write at least 150 words.