Cue Card # 25: An important email that you have received lately

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card # 25

Describe an important email that you have received lately.

You should say:

  • who sent the email to you
  • when you received it
  • what it was about

and explain why it was important to you.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:

I was waiting for an email even though I wasn’t really quite sure if I will ever receive it. But, finally, when I received one of the most important emails of my life, if not the most important one, a few weeks ago that contained a scholarship offer from one of the best engineering universities in my country, I naturally became ecstatic. I received the email on 24th January 2019, to be exact, and it was sent to me by the university authority where I applied for the scholarship.

In fact, I spent the next couple of days, sharing the email details with virtually all of my families, friends and relatives. Suddenly, I felt like I was a couple of feet taller than my actual height (and trust me, I have an average height for my age) with that scholarship in my hand!

Anyway, I read the email at least a dozen of times to make sure that I got all the important details such as the amount of scholarship money I would receive during the course and the date of its commencement. The email also spelt out when I would receive a formal hard copy of the scholarship offer in papers. The email went to a great length to provide me with the details as to what I would need to accomplish in order to renew my scholarship every year, and what university residential hall I would remain attached to. Learning that the next fall semester would start only after a few months, I was ready to start my travel arrangements in order to attend my dream university which is located at a city about few hundred miles away from my home.

The scholarship offer was like a “dream come true” to me as I worked really hard to avail the opportunity since the early days of my high school, having attended numerous on-campus as well as off-campus tutorials and lesson plans in order to remain ahead in a very stiff competition.

The scholarship was a really important one for me as it provided me with the opportunity to study a very demanding subject of my choice which is offered only at one university in my country. Besides, the scholarship offered me a perfect opportunity to take care of my own life by staying away from my family as they would never want to leave me alone without possibly a ‘life-changing” opportunity such as this one. I am glad that I got the email and the scholarship!

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