Test 34: Section # 2 – Using direct mail to sell your product & Job Specification

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GT Reading Test 34: Section # 2

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 15-27, which are based on Reading Passage below.

Write answers to questions in boxes 15-27 on your answer sheet.

Read the text below and answer Questions 15-20.


When you have set up your own business, you must, of course, start selling your goods or services. One way is by using direct mail – in other words, sending a sales letter (or email) directly to companies that might want to do business with you.

One important factor is your mailing list – that is, who you contact. You can build this up from your own market research, existing clients and advertising responses, or you can contact list brokers and rent or buy a compiled list. If you are contacting a business, it is important to address the letter to the decision maker, ideally by name or at least by job title.

While the desirability and price of the product on offer will obviously influence sales, you also need to gain the maximum impact from your sales letter. To achieve that, bear the following points in mind:

• You have no more than two seconds from when the reader starts the letter to convince them to continue. If you fail, they will throw it away. The opening is crucial to attract their attention. And so that they don’t lose interest, avoid having too much text.

• Try to send each mailing in a white envelope. It might be cheaper to use a brown envelope but it doesn’t make for such good presentation.

• Include a brochure. Depending on the volume and on whether you can afford the cost, try to use at least two-colour printing for this. If practicable, it may be worth enclosing a free sample – this is a much greater incentive than photographs.

• However interested your potential clients are in buying, they will only do so if it can be done easily. So, include an order form (and of course details of how to return it) with your letter.

• When you receive your replies, assess your response rate and monitor the sales. If necessary, the sales letter can then be amended to attract other clients on subsequent mail shots; make sure each different letter is coded so that monitoring is easy and effective.

• Ensure that each reply is dealt with quickly and professionally. If further details are requested, these must be sent out promptly. There is no point in encouraging potential customers to contact you if your service is slow or non-existent.

Questions 15-21
Complete the sentences below.
Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.
Write your answers in boxes 15-21 on your answer sheet.

15. Sales letters should be sent to the …….……… in a company.
16. Your letter should make as much ……….…… as possible.
17. The reader’s attention needs to be caught by the …….……… of your letter.
18. Letters should be sent in a …….……… .
19. It is best to print the ….………… in two or more colours.
20. Consider sending a ……….…… as this is more effective than a picture.
21. You should calculate the …….……… to your letter.

Read the text below and answer Questions 22-27.

IFCES, the International Federation of Chemical Engineering Societies
Job Specification: Communications Manager

Contract: Permanent (with 3-month probationary period)
Reports to: Chief Executive
Hours: 9:15 am — 5:30 pm with 1 hour for lunch
Holidays: 23 days per annum + statutory public holidays

Job Summary
To raise the international profile of IFCES. To communicate our objectives, programmes and services to members, the chemical engineering community, the media and the wider public.

Key Responsibilities
• Develop and implement a programme of communications to member associations, the chemical engineering industry, sponsors and the media.
• Plan and implement marketing strategies for all IFCES programmes including the World Chemical Engineering Congress.
• Write and edit copy for publications intended for internal and external use including Chemical Engineer Monthly.
• Work with design agencies, web developers and other external contractors to produce high quality corporate and marketing materials.
• Research, write and distribute news releases as required, often at short notice and under pressure
• Deal with media enquiries and interview requests. Ensure that good relationships with both mainstream and chemical engineering media arc developed and maintained.
• Assist in the production of presentations and speeches for board members.
• Ensure website content is up to date and consistent.
• Develop a consistent corporate identity and ensure its application by all member associations and partner organisations.
• Carry our specific duties and projects as directed from time to time.

Employee Specification

• Degree (any discipline)
• Minimum 4 years’ experience in a communications role
• Excellent copy writing skills with strong attention to detail, a keen sense of audience and an ability to tailor writing to its particular purpose
• Demonstrable track record of producing high quality corporate publications and marketing materials
• Excellent interpersonal and organisational skills
• Sound IT skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
• Willingness to travel internationally

• Recognised post-graduate qualification in public relations / journalism / marketing communications
• Knowledge of the global chemical engineering industry and the production of new materials in particular
• Understanding of the concerns surrounding sustainability in chemical engineering
• Ability to speak a foreign language

Questions 22-27
Complete the notes below.
Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.
Write your answers in boxes 22-27 on your answer sheet.

Position: Communications Manager

Summary of role: to improve IFCES’s 22 ……….…… around the world.

Responsibilities include:
• writing for a number of 23 …….………, produced for both IFCES and a wider readership
• producing news releases quickly when necessary
• making sure the 24 …….……… contains current information.

Employee specification (essential) includes:
• high level skill in writing appropriately
– for the 25 ……….…… to read
– to achieve a specific 26 ……….……

• good IT skills.

Employee specification (desirable) includes:
• relevant qualification at a 27 …….……… level
• awareness of issues of sustainability in relation to the industry
• knowledge of a foreign language.

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Using direct mail to sell your product & IFCES Job Specification: Reading Answers


15. decision maker
16. impact
17. opening
18. white envelope
19. brochure
20. (free) sample
21. response rate
22. (international) profile
23. publications
24. website content
25. audience
26. purpose
27. post-graduate

[Note: Words in brackets are optional – they are correct, but not necessary or mandatory.]

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