Letter Sample #11 – You had been charged for items you did not purchase

GT Writing Task 1 (Letter Writing) Sample # 11

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You recently went shopping at the local supermarket. When you got home and noticed your bill, you found that you had been charged for items you did not purchase.

Write a letter to the supermarket manager explaining what has happened. Tell the manager how you feel about the error and tell the manager what you would like him/her to do about it.

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Model Answer 1:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Yesterday evening I purchased a few items from your store, located at the City Centre Shopping Complex. But when I arrived home and noticed the receipt, I found that I was overcharged. I am hoping that you will refund the additional amount or allow me to shop for the extra amount.

In relation to the specifics of the purchase, I bought some grocery items; one-kilo meat, half kilo mozzarella cheese and a Dettol handwash refill pack. However, the order details include two additional items – one-kilo green apple and a bottle of Pantene shampoo, which I did not notice at the time of checking out as I was in a hurry. I paid $75.60 using my Nexus debit card and the invoice number is 00547856. However, the actual bill would be $25 less as I never purchased any apple or shampoo. I am attaching a copy of my receipt for your consideration.

I think the person who created the invoice made an error and added two more items by mistake. As I have already been charged for items I did not purchase, I want you to refund the additional amount, which is $25, or add this amount to my customer loyalty card so that I can shop from your store at a later time.

Thank you for giving the matter your attention and I hope to hear your reply soon.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Jones

Model Answer 2:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Last week, I visited your supermarket to do some shopping in order to meet my daily needs. In fact, I visit your supermarket every week, but never really encountered such problems before.

Anyway, the problem, I wanted to bring to your attention, is that I was charged for items that I never really purchased. I found out about the mistake after coming back to my home. The problem may have occurred due to some technical problems at your “POS” (point of sale terminal). It may also have taken place due to the “lack of diligence” of your cashier in charge. But, what worries me, even more, is that the same kind of problem may have gone unnoticed in the past.

I never really expected such an error from your part. Therefore, please take the necessary steps to fix the computer glitches, if any, to ensure an error-free transaction. Besides, while a “refund” for the items, which were never really purchased, would be highly appreciated. It would also be great if you ask your cashiers to match the items, listed on the “purchase receipt”, a bit more carefully before making the final delivery.

Yours faithfully,

Neil William

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