Cue Card # 169: Describe something you bought for your home

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card # 169

Describe something you liked very much which you bought for your home.

You should say:

  • what you bought
  • when and where you bought it
  • why you chose this particular thing

and explain why you liked it so much.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:

Well, I don’t really like to buy anything for my home mainly because the ladies there mostly decide what to buy, and what not to. However, I did take the challenge to buy a few things for my home in the past, and today, I would like to talk about one of those things.

The object, that I bought, is called a “vase”. Yes, it is just a simple wooden vase, but this simple vase had made things a bit complicated for me as all the female members joined together to ostracize, so to speak, me because I didn’t “consult” them prior to buying that very “ordinary” (in their “language”) looking vase. But, in the end, I was lucky to convince my mother, sisters and sisters-in-law to keep that vase at our home on the condition that I would clean it and shine it every day. They also gave me the condition that I would need to keep it in my room only, preferably in some corners where it couldn’t be seen that easily! After all, they didn’t really want to do anything with that “cheap and ordinary” looking vase.

By the way, I chose to buy that wooden vase, probably made from some kind of birch woods with a very shiny looking, and protective coating around it, from a local fair in my town. I can’t exactly remember when I bought it, but it must have been quite a few years ago when I still was a university student. And, I bought it, obviously because it had a rather shiny and distinct look, as well as I thought it would never break like those ceramic-made vases so easily.

I liked the vase so much, mainly because I thought that it would perfectly match with the interiors of our home as well as the other furniture in it (although, the ladies in my family thought otherwise). I liked it so much also because it was so light and made strong.

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