Cue Card # 190: Someone who influenced you when you were a child

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card # 190

Describe someone who influenced you when you were a child.

You should say:

  • who this person was
  • what kind of person he/she was
  • what your relationship with this person was like

and explain how this person influenced you.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:

I think that when we are a child, we tend to get influenced by anybody and everybody around us without necessarily understanding the dynamics of it. I, as a child, was no exception either. But, the influence of a particular person in my childhood certainly deserves a bit more attention than the others.

Surprisingly, this person wasn’t really anybody from my own family, or among any of my close or distant relatives. Rather, this person was just someone who was just living in our little town, when I was growing up there as a child. He was a physical training instructor at the only college or higher educational institute, we had, at that time in our town. Naturally, he was a very physically fit person since he used to be a physical fitness trainer.

He was so serious about his physical shape and fitness that I had never seen him missing his “jogging” in the morning for almost 4/5 years. But, it’s not his attention to physical fitness that influenced me to become like him, rather, it was his kindness and polite acts that influenced me to become like him, later in my life. In fact, when I used to see him running or jogging on the streets of my town, he never forgot to smile at me and say “hello”.

I used to call him an “uncle”, and in response, he also used to call me “little uncle”. By the way, it is this “uncle” who took special care in teaching me how to swim when I was struggling to learn to swim, nobody could do the job!

Anyway, this “uncle” of mine left my town after living there for almost 4/5 years, but I would never forget the influence he left on me. In fact, it is because of him, I never forget to smile at a person and say hello, no matter how stranger of a person he or she really is. Besides, it is because of him that I learned that a little help to someone could actually mean a lot to him or her.

Model Answer 2:

We get influenced in different stages of our life by numerous people who help shape our lives for good or bad. But, perhaps, we are more influenced as a child than at any other stage in our lives, and this is why our childhood plays such an important role in determining who we become in our later life. For this topic, today, I’m going to talk about my father who influenced me the most.

Who this person is:
This person, as you have already guessed, is none other than my father.

What kind of person he/she was:
To describe my father in a few words, I would have to say that – he is kind, intelligent, brave and full of life. He is around 52 years old now and is a civil engineer by profession. He is one the finest in his profession. If you meet him for the first time, you will feel that he is a very reserved and private person. But once you cross that outer shell, you will find a kind, witty and affable person.

What your relationship with this person was like:
As a child, my father was my best friend. He loved me unconditionally, and I still feel the same love today. I am happy to have such a father in my life. This makes my life fulfilling.

And explain how this person influenced you:
My father has always been there for me, and his contribution to becoming the person I am today is immense. He was there to teach me something important, ask me to do something good for others, teach me how to be strong, be kind and have the quality to navigate through the ups and downs of life, and most of that happened during my childhood and teenage periods. He had always been a role model for me, and he still is. But more importantly, my father filled my life with love and happiness, and that influenced me to have an excellent childhood filled with joy, positivity and love. He also taught me the importance of being happy even in difficult times and I am the person today due to his sacrifice and unparalleled contribution.

A few more ideas to talk about this Candidate Task Card Topic:

Describe someone who influenced you when you were a child.

You should say:

who this person was
what kind of person he/she was
what your relationship with this person was like
and explain how this person influenced you.

Idea # 1:
My elder sister is like a mother figure to me, and she has the most significant influence on my life to help me become the woman I am today. She is a brave, fearless and kind-hearted woman who knows that a family thrives only when we help each other, and it is our moral duty to help our family and friends. To me, she is the most intelligent and beautiful person who inspires others to become stronger and better. From my early childhood, she was my playmate, teacher, friend, and constant companion who helped me get prepared to face the adversity of life. This is how she has influenced me the most.

Idea # 2:
One of my friends – Jimmy, has had a great influence on my life. In my school, I was often bullied, and I did not share this fact with my parents. But Jimmy stood for me, fought for me and taught me not to be afraid of bullies. He was perhaps the most important friend in my life, and even though we two now live far apart, we still talk to each other at least once a week. He made me stronger and this is something extraordinary for a timid child like me. I am so influenced by him that I often followed in his footsteps in life.

Idea # 3:
When one of my teachers in grade three told me that I would be an excellent math professor, I never believed in him. But little did I know back then that the prediction would be like the words of an oracle. I am a math professor at a college in our country now. And that had been possible due to the inspiration of that teacher. He helped me with many math problems, but more importantly, he helped me get passionate about math. In fact, my interest in mathematics grew because of his influence in my school.

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