Test 44: Section # 1 – Harvey’s Storage & Local Museums

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GT Reading Test 44: Section # 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-14, which are based on Reading Passage below.

Write answers to questions in boxes 1-14 on your answer sheet.

Read the text below and answer Questions 1-6.

Harvey’s Storage

Harvey’s Storage is a well-established independent company. We are centrally located in the city and provide excellent facilities for all your storage requirements.

We provide safe and secure units for both long- and short-term storage dependent on your needs. Our rates are competitive and tailored to your specific requirements and your choice of storage unit. Heavy-duty locks and keys are provided to all of our customers and included in the prices listed. You can hire the unit with the storage capacity you need, for the period of time that the storage is required, in a sound and secure environment, monitored by CCTV. With 24-hour access, customers can deliver and collect items when it is convenient to do so, unrestricted by business or office hours. Tarmac roadways allow customers to park cars and lorries immediately outside their units, minimising the effort required to collect or drop items off.

Household storage: Self-storage is ideal for families or individuals with either a short- or long-term need to store their belongings. Some of our clients are de-cluttering, or they may be getting their property decorated, or planning to go abroad for a time.

Student storage: You may be travelling or going home to see family and friends in the vacation, or need time to find a place to stay. You may want to store all your books and personal items, or just a few boxes or a musical instrument. We offer no-nonsense competitive pricing with flexible hire periods and with no hidden extras. We can provide you with short- or long-term affordable hire in a safe and secure environment. You are responsible for organising transport but we can also recommend local van and driver hire companies.

Business storage: Free up your expensive retail space with affordable self-storage. We have three different business storage centres to choose from so you can choose the location that is most convenient for you.

Questions 1-6
Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

In boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet, write
TRUE if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

1. There is an extra charge for locks and keys.
2. It is possible to arrange to share a storage unit with someone else.
3. You can pick up your property from the storage unit during the night-time.
4. You can drive your vehicle right next to your storage unit.
5. Students’ possessions can only be stored during vacation periods.
6. The storage company will collect and deliver students’ property.

Read the text below and answer questions 7-14.

Local Museums

A. Whittlesey Museum
The museum is located in the Old Town Hall, which was originally built to house horse-drawn fire engines. It has eight rooms, and the exhibits cover topics such as archive photographs, costume, domestic life and local celebrities.

B. Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House
Built in 1740, this is the birthplace of pioneer social reformer Octavia Hill, who was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in social housing and the arts, as well as in conservation issues. Visitors are taken on a guided tour and are then free to explore the gardens.

C. Chatteris Museum
The old market town of Chatteris was largely rebuilt, after two serious fires in 1706 and 1864 destroyed many of the town’s ancient buildings. The museum’s exhibits illustrate traditional aspects of the life of local farmers as well as the railway boom of the 19th century. The museum has a touch-screen kiosk which contains over 9,000 historic photographs and texts, reproductions of which can be made on request.

D. March and District Museum
Located in the middle of the market town of March, the museum is housed in a former school built in 1851. Its wide-ranging collections include reconstructions of an early 20th-century kitchen, sitting room and nursery. There is also an interesting display of historic cameras and radios, and a medal which was awarded to train driver Ben Gimbert for his bravery in preventing loss of life when a train full of explosives caught fire in 1944.

E. Wisbech and Fenland Museum
This 19th-century gem holds collections from around the world including Ancient Egypt. Its library, which is open to the public on the first Saturday of each month, contains the manuscript of Great Expectations by the 19th-century novelist Charles Dickens, and the Research Room can be booked for researching local records.

Questions 7-14
Look at the five descriptions of museums, A-E, in one area of England.
For which museum are the following statements true?
Write the correct letter, A-E, in boxes 7-14 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

7. There are exhibits related to the history of agriculture in the region.
8. Equipment for putting out fires used to be kept in this building.
9. You can find information on the rise of one type of transport.
10. There are things to see both inside and outside.
11. It is possible to obtain copies of old pictures and documents.
12. On certain days you can see an original work by a writer of fiction.
13. Someone who was interested in environmental matters lived here for a time.
14. This museum has an exhibit related to a heroic achievement.

GT Reading Mock Test 44: Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 |

Harvey’s Storage & Local Museums: Reading Answers


7. C
8. A
9. C
10. B
11. C
12. E
13. B
14. D

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