Letter Sample #178 – You would like a local politician to attend the meeting

GT Writing Task 1 (Letter Writing) Sample # 178

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are a member of a local club which will organise a committee meeting next month. You would like a local politician to attend the meeting to contribute to the discussion about keeping the environment green.

Write a letter of invitation to that politician. In your letter,

  • introduce your club 
  • say why you are having the meeting
  • invite him/her to attend the meeting

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Mr or Mrs …………………..,

Model Answer 1:

Dear Mr Julian,

I am a citizen of your political constituency, and I am writing this letter on behalf of a local club called “Victoria Sporting Club”, of which you also are a member. As you know, although, as a club, we have a great reputation for promoting different kinds of sports and physical activities, we also campaign and organize meetings, from time to time, to promote awareness about the issues that affect our community and country.

As a part of this “creating awareness” efforts, the committee members of our club have decided to discuss how to keep our environment green, at its next monthly committee meeting, and we would very much like for you to express your views on this important issue. By the way, this meeting is important for us and our community because our city has lost almost 30% of its trees over the last 10 years, due to some rapid urbanization, and yet, nobody seems to care about it as if nothing really has happened.

So, we would highly appreciate it if you could join us at your next meeting to lend more credence and weight to our efforts.

Yours faithfully,

Mario Rodriguez

Sample Answer 2:

Dear Mrs Mary Seacole,

I am the Executive Vice President of a local club called “Paragons” in Durham city in England, writing to invite you to the committee meeting next month to chair the chief guest.

“Paragons” is a local club that works for the betterment of our locality and the environment, and we have more than 90 members. Our club is dedicated to making a positive impact on our community by planting trees, reducing carbon emissions and helping homeless people.

Next month, we will be holding a meeting to discuss ways in which we can keep our environment green and make the area safe for all its members. We believe that your experience and knowledge as an honourable politician and a member of the parliament would be invaluable in helping us to identify the most effective ways to achieve our goal.

We would be honoured if you would attend our committee meeting and share your insights on this important topic. The meeting will be held on 27th June at 4:30 PM at the Townhall in our city. We will send you additional information about the meeting in your email.

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your consideration of our invitation.

Yours faithfully,

John Alden

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