Essay 26 – Fatherhood ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood

GT Writing Task 2 (Essay Writing) Sample # 26

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic.

“Fatherhood ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood. The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea that they are also responsible for bringing the children up.”

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You should write at least 250 words.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Model Answer 1:

Mothers bear the brunt of the responsibilities in bringing a child into this world, but, as far as the issue of raising a child is concerned, both father and mother are equally responsible even though some would suggest that mothers, in fact, are more responsible than fathers in raising a child. I believe that fatherhood is just as important as motherhood and both parents have equal responsibilities to raise a child.

To begin with, the role of a father in raising a child is absolutely essential since it is his first and foremost responsibility to provide for all the financial needs of not only raising the child but also that of the nursing mother. Of course, a mother can also chip in sharing the expenses if she wants, but it is not her responsibility, after all. Many researchers and studies have shown that a father’s involvement is absolutely crucial in a child’s cognitive and physical growth. So, when a father plays with his child, feeds him, cuddles him and clean him/her up, he is building a very strong bond with his child which may prove out to be very crucial in shaping his/her life as a confident and responsible adult in future. Besides, contrary to popular misconception or belief, fathers also do enjoy this very natural father-child relationship which serves both really well.

Moreover, the modern-day mothers are just not able to look after her child always, despite her best efforts and intentions, while having demanding careers at the same time. Therefore, it is quite natural that the mothers will expect a bit more help from the fathers as far as raising a child is concerned. On top of that, when it comes to providing better security and emotional support to a child, a fatherly figure quite “naturally” has a greater role to play more often than not. Finally, when a child sees how both the parents are enjoying sharing the responsibilities of raising a child, he/she grows even a stronger sense of support and security in him.

To conclude, fatherhood should also be highlighted and encouraged just as much as motherhood because it is no less special and unique than the motherhood. Also, a child needs the support and care of both parents and that’s why the responsibilities should be shared.

Model Answer 2:

In modern society, the roles of mothers and fathers in deciding to have a baby and later on, upbringing the baby have been transformed to a great extent. Undeniably, a mother has a greater role in bringing a child into this world, but once the baby is born both parents should play an equal role in raising the child.

To begin with, a baby needs care, time and support from both parents as it ensures his/her proper cognitive development and infallible attachment to the family. When a father plays his roles properly, it gives the mother some space and time to look after other important aspects of the family besides taking the best care of the baby. Besides, when fathers spend more time with their children, they learn some special skills and important life lessons that make them ready to face the challenges in the future. Thus a child needs a mother’s affection and father’s companion to grow as a good and rational human being. Finally, it is practically impossible for a woman to look after her child and still pursue a demanding career without help from the husband.

Moreover, I do not believe that mothers alone decide when to have a baby as modern parents decide it mutually considering both parents’ wish and circumstances. Thus the responsibility of upbringing a child should not be automatically bequeathed upon the mother and exempting the father from all responsibilities. I believe that the active participation of both parents is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship and to properly nurture the child.

To conclude, I believe the pure joy of parenthood is as unique and special for a father as it is for a mother and both parents should share the parenting responsibilities equally.

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