Essay 38 – Why do so many people want to study in English?

GT Writing Task 2 (Essay Writing) Sample # 38

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

As part of a class assignment, you have to write about the following topic:

Millions of people every year move to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Britain or America, in order to study at school, college or university.

Why do so many people want to study in English?
Why is English such an important international language?

Give reasons for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
An ever-increasing number of students are moving to English-speaking countries each year to pursue their education with the hope of better schooling and a prominent career. It is clear that people are learning English and they prefer countries where English is the first language. With an unbelievable number of speakers, this is the most dominant international language in the world.

The reason why so many people want to study in English or master this language is simple. Without the skill of English, people will not be able to interact with others, especially when they need to communicate with someone from a foreign country. It is also an essential part of the curriculum in most of the countries. Besides, people need to learn English if they are to enter a global workforce and it is a must if someone desires to pursue a higher degree or work in a first-world country. For example, English is no longer considered an additional skill in the professional arena, rather it is a mandatory skill.

English is an important international language with over a quarter of the world speaking this language. It is not only the language which is spoken and/or understood by over 1.6 billion people but is also the official language in a large number of countries. It has become the most powerful language in the world. Moreover, citizens in a country use it to interact with people who have a different local language. For example, India has more than 20 officially recognised languages and people without knowing English would fail to interact with others from a different states as not all can speak Hindi. With the skill of English, someone can make him understood in nearly every corner of the world.

In conclusion, to pursue higher education, to interact with people, to close a business deal or to read an online article, one must need this language and this wide-spread use has made it the single most influential language in our history and that is why so many young students study in English.

Model Answer 2:
English has become a dominant language worldwide, attracting millions of individuals each year to English-speaking countries for educational pursuits. This essay will explore the reasons behind the widespread desire to study in English and shed light on the significance of English as an international language.

One primary reason why many individuals aspire to study in English-speaking countries is the global reach of the English language. English serves as a lingua franca, facilitating communication between people from different linguistic backgrounds. Proficiency in English opens up a world of opportunities, both academically and professionally. English-speaking countries are known for their renowned educational institutions, offering diverse programmes and courses that attract students seeking quality education and international exposure. By studying in English, individuals enhance their prospects for global networking and career advancement.

English has emerged as a language of knowledge and innovation, with a vast majority of scholarly articles and research papers published in English. By studying in English, students gain direct access to cutting-edge research and academic resources. English-language institutions often have strong research programmes and renowned faculty, fostering an environment conducive to intellectual growth and academic excellence. The exposure to a rich academic culture in English contributes to the development of critical thinking skills and enhances the students’ ability to contribute to the global academic community.

Finally, English has achieved cultural dominance due to its prevalence in literature, music, film, and media. English-language literature and entertainment have a significant global impact, shaping popular culture and influencing the thoughts and perspectives of individuals worldwide. By studying in an English-speaking environment, students immerse themselves in the language and culture, gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse and influential English-speaking societies.

In fine, the desire to study in English and the significance of English as an international language can be attributed to its global communication potential, academic influence, and cultural dominance. English proficiency opens doors to educational, professional, and personal opportunities, allowing individuals to connect with people from different cultures and contribute to the global community.

Sample Answer 3:
Each year, a substantial number of students go abroad to study in English, the language used in Britain, Australia, America and many other countries, as it develops speaking and writing skills and offers diverse job opportunities. Similarly, English is crucial as a global language since the language is utterly important for business and it helps access multiple cultures.

Studying in English has a domino effect. First and foremost, it hones writing and communication skills, which are important for most of the job people do. Besides, English instils confidence and helps master the competencies that people need to express themselves powerfully, which in turn helps them climb the career ladder. Secondly, English is a universal language of science, law, aviation, and diplomacy to mention but a few. Studying in English augments the chances of getting a white-collar job in many fields. Last but not least, scientific papers are usually written in English. For this reason, having a good command of English is of primary importance to those who want to work in the scientific field.

English is incredibly important in the realm of business and as a global language. In simple words, English has already become the de facto language in many countries across the world; thereby English is assumed to be one of the uttermost business languages. Likewise, the comprehensive knowledge of English will allow people to access music, movies, literature, and newspapers from hundreds of nations around the earth. Myriad books are rendered into English from other languages worldwide. So skills in English not only allow someone to access thousands of resources but also enable them to communicate with most people in the world. This makes it the most powerful language.

To conclude, English has a ripple effect. This is why pupils all around the world migrate to English-speaking countries so as to study in English. Moreover, English as a lingua franca is incredibly important by reason of its multifarious needs and acceptance.

One Comment to “Essay 38 – Why do so many people want to study in English?”

  1. Millions of people every year move to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Britain or America, in order to study at school, college or university.

    Why do so many people want to study in English?
    Why is English such an important international language?

    Annually, a growing number of people are considering to study abroad especially in countries where English is widely spoken. This can be an edge for them to practice and improve their skill in English. English is also considered to be an influential language that is used globally and it makes it so important.

    People have different reasons as to why they opt to further study this language either personally or professionally. Many who travel abroad find it easier when they know how to communicate in English. For instance, answering immigration interview questions or asking for directions become easier when someone can speak in English. Others know that when they have a good command of the language, they can land better career opportunities.

    Through globalisation, we learn to see the true value of the English language and it’s riffle effects on the economy and international relations. More and more business transactions become successful through proper communication using the main language. This also holds true when countries’ leaders want to build stronger ties with each other through a summit where they can share thoughts and ideas in English.

    In conclusion, English offers a lot of advantages not only to individuals who want to achieve personal or professional growth but to people in general, especially in a global aspect.

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