Essay 42 – Children are facing more pressures nowadays

GT Writing Task 2 (Essay Writing) Sample # 42

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives.

What are the causes of these pressures, and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:

In contemporary society, children are increasingly burdened with a multitude of pressures stemming from academic, social, and commercial realms. This essay will explore the causes behind these pressures and propose measures to alleviate them.

One of the main causes of the mounting pressures on children is the ever-increasing emphasis on academic achievement. In many educational systems, success is often equated with high grades and standardized test scores, leading to intense competition among students. The pursuit of academic excellence creates a significant burden, as children are subjected to rigorous study schedules, excessive homework, and immense performance expectations.

From a social perspective, the influence of social media and peer pressure exacerbates the pressures faced by children. The constant exposure to carefully curated online personas and the need for validation through likes and followers can lead to feelings of inadequacy and the fear of missing out. Commercialization is another prominent factor contributing to the pressures faced by children. Advertisements, targeted marketing, and materialistic culture create a sense of consumerism, promoting the idea that possessions equate to happiness and social status. This relentless consumer culture puts pressure on children to acquire the latest gadgets, trendy fashion, and branded products.

To mitigate these pressures on children, a holistic approach is required. Firstly, educational reforms should prioritize a more well-rounded approach, focusing on the development of skills, critical thinking, and creativity rather than solely relying on test results. Encouraging a love for learning and promoting individual strengths and interests will foster a healthier academic environment. Additionally, parents and guardians play a vital role in supporting children. Open communication channels should be established to provide a safe space for children to express their concerns and seek guidance. Society as a whole must also take responsibility by promoting media literacy and encouraging the responsible use of technology. Finally, implementing stricter regulations on targeted advertising aimed at children and promoting a more inclusive and diverse representation in the media can help in this regard.

In conclusion, children facing escalating pressures from academic, social, and commercial perspectives require comprehensive solutions. By addressing the causes behind these pressures and implementing measures such as educational reforms, parental support, and societal changes, we can create an environment that nurtures the well-being, happiness, and holistic development of children.

Sample Answer 2:

During the process of ensuring a better future for our children, we are knowingly and unknowingly putting more pressure and burden on them and our expectations sometimes are incessant. However, we should let them enjoy their childhood and not make them robots, and this can be achieved by reducing the competitions and having practical expectations from them.

To begin with, the main reason children today are under constant pressure from their parents, society and country is the increasing competition everywhere. For instance, a good school has only 100 seats for children while more than 10 thousand children compete for admission to this school. As a result, parents and teachers are forced to put extra pressure on their children. Colleges, universities and the job market has more or less that same picture where thousands of people compete for a few posts. Secondly, parents and society want our young children to be brilliant in every aspect of life – in education, in sports, in arts and extracurricular activities and so on as if without being multitalented, our youngsters are not going to make positive impacts in the future. Finally, youngsters in many countries are forced to take up some sorts of part-time jobs while studying, some to gain experience and some to support their finances, and this is also creating an invisible pressure on them.

To let our children enjoy their childhood and grow up in a remarkably positive environment, we should have practical expectations from them. This single aspect can eliminate many invisible burdens modern children have today on their shoulder. We should not engage them in activities we, not them, are interested in and find out their hidden talents to prepare them for the future. Finally, the government and the country should ensure that we do not put our children to unnecessary competitions by enhancing the country’s economy and by creating more job opportunities for them.

In conclusion, children are the future leaders and they will lead society, the nation and the country one day. Thus we want our children to get the very best and become ideal citizens so that they can have a better life while making the world a better place for all. To ensure that, we need to have practical expectations from them and build a better society for our future generation.

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