Essay 41 – Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices

GT Writing Task 2 (Essay Writing) Sample # 41

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1: [Agreement]

We live in a world which has been tremendously shaped by the unparalleled advancements of technology and globalisation which in turn have revolutionised the way we live and make our choices- both little and big. Without any doubt, we have an incredible number of alternatives to pick from and this freedom of choice has enriched our lifestyle in the best possible way and it has also increased global resources.

The advancement of technology has enabled us to get accurate information from the Internet anytime we want. We have an unimaginable number of resources online that we can access instantly and this freedom enables us to make informed decisions in every step of our life. We can decide what should be our next holiday destination, which store offers our favourite merchandise at a cheaper price, and which university offers an online degree that we need; thus the potential to enrich our lives with the help of technology is virtually limitless. Other technological advancements have enabled us to grow more crops, cook new dishes, preserve them and reduce the world’s hunger issue more conveniently.

In the present era, technology and globalisation and their benefits have exponentially expanded the number of options we can avail in different fields like education, food, transport, treatment, entertainment, jobs and business. For example, the number of majors a university offers and the related jobs and business opportunities in the future are incredible. We can take jobs that were never offered in the past and not to mention the impact of business opportunities due to globalisation and widespread acceptance of it. Moreover, we can produce crops and vegetables around the year and effective preservation methods have benefitted the human population with the provision of significant types of edibles during the entire year. A faster transportation system leads to a revolution in transport hubs around the world and we can visit our friends and family more frequently than ever before and talk to them anytime we want no matter the distance.

In conclusion, we are blessed with so many options to pick from in this modern era and the innovation of technology is increasing the list day by day. We should just be careful and prudent enough to choose the best for us in our personal life and for the entire human race for our overall progress.

Model Answer 2: [Disagreement]

People in the modern world, without any doubt, are blessed with technology and an incredible range of consumer products which they use in their daily life. From this perspective, it seems like we have so many choices in our life while the truth is hidden underneath and quite the contrary. I believe that sometimes we are overwhelmed with our options to buy trivial things while we are restricted in making important life choices.

To begin with, we have the internet to look for information and get our questions answered. In the past, we were required to go to a library or talk to our teachers to get an answer. From this perspective, it seems quite obvious that we now have better freedom to get information from the internet and it is not an exaggeration to say that our choices are far more vast now than in the past. However, the World Wide Web is still not accessible by a vast majority of the world population and not all the online information publicly available is authentic and genuine. Fabricated and fake news and information that we see or read online trigger social chaos and remind us how a plethora of information can sometimes be more misleading than helpful.

No doubt we have many satellite channels to enjoy, different brands to buy our dresses and fashion items from, different dishes in restaurants and many choices to take a job but the options of choices are restrained to trivial issues. For example, we have a lot of dishes for our dinner at a restaurant but when it comes to eating organic and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, the options are limited. Similarly, we have different career options to pick from but when we want to do a job in our hometown or start a business, the options are restricted.

In conclusion, freedom of important choices like career, healthy food, living place and access to genuine information is far more important than our choices of plenty of consumer goods. Wistfully, we have many options for such trivial choices these days while not so much in making vital decisions.

Model Answer 3: [Agreement]

The increasing array of choices available in today’s society has sparked a debate among individuals. While some argue that we are overwhelmed with options, I firmly agree with this perspective. The vast array of choices offers numerous benefits, including personal empowerment and the fostering of innovation and competition.

One compelling reason why I agree that we have an abundance of choices is the freedom it provides for self-expression and individuality. In the past, people were often limited to a narrow range of options dictated by societal norms and constraints. However, in contemporary times, individuals have the liberty to choose from a plethora of career paths, hobbies, lifestyle choices, and even relationships. For instance, the advent of online platforms and social media has opened up new avenues for self-expression, enabling people to showcase their talents, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore their passions. The multitude of choices available ensures that everyone can find a path that aligns with their unique interests and aspirations.

Furthermore, the abundance of choices stimulates healthy competition and drives innovation. With numerous options available, companies and organizations are compelled to continually improve their products and services to attract customers. This competition results in higher quality, more affordable products, and enhanced customer experiences. Moreover, the variety of choices fosters creativity and encourages individuals and businesses to think outside the box, leading to breakthroughs and advancements in various fields. For example, in the technology sector, the abundance of choices has led to rapid advancements, with each new iteration offering improved features and functionalities.

In conclusion, the freedom to choose empowers individuals, allowing them to express themselves, pursue their passions, and shape their lives according to their preferences. Moreover, the competition and innovation that arise from having numerous options benefit society as a whole, driving progress and enhancing the quality of products and services. Rather than being overwhelmed, we should embrace the opportunities presented by the abundance of choices and utilize them to lead fulfilling and enriched lives.

2 Comments to “Essay 41 – Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices”

  1. Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

    Globalisation and development in technology have provided enormous benefits to people to do what they like whether it is about choosing a job or selecting a product from a supermarket. I completely agree with the given notion that these days we have a far wider range of choices and this has been possible because of the phenomenal growth of consumerism and unprecedented development of technology.

    The strategy of companies to promote consumerism has made the array of options possible when it comes to choosing a product or service. With this, the whole focus is shifted towards consumers as every product is made by considering the wants and desires of them which leads to providing enormous options of the same item at a large scale. Consequently, this not only provides benefits to customers to buy what they like but also generates huge revenue for companies. For instance, almost every year MNC’s conduct a questionnaire to know about the taste of people to manufacture accordingly to provide them more options so that instead of one, they may think of buying more.

    Additionally, everything is easily accessible due to the spread of technology, especially the internet. With a few clicks, people get the desired product. As it is a wider platform that provides a plethora of options considering the price, colour, and also quality of goods worldwide, modern people have indeed a great number of choices. Therefore, nowadays, it is quite easy for people to purchase by selecting one out of many options available on the websites. To cite an example, Amazon is an online store that provides an abundance of options to customers as the same products are sold by hundreds of merchants.

    To conclude, agglomeration all the points, it is noticed that modern citizens have hundred of options when they want to purchase or do something. It is expected that they would use the freedom to build a better life, not actually diminish its quality.

  2. Essay Topic:
    Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

    Essay Sample:
    As the world is modernizing and the technology is advancing, people can enjoy choices in every aspect of their day-to-day activities, like foods, shelters, clothes, fashions etcetera. I completely agree with this proposition.

    The advancement had led people with numerous choices in the medical sector, either big or small. To clarify, if a person is unable to afford an expensive hospital for their treatment, then they can easily find an affordable hospital due to the variety of choices that we have been blessed with. Likewise, choices have influenced the lifestyle of people like clothing, dining, watching movies and many more. For example, if a person prefers a cold drink then they are presented with a myriad of choices for drinks as Coke, Pepsi, Fanta etcetera. Moreover, not only medical and lifestyle-related choices have increased but people can also select a career from a diverse number of choices.

    Even the choices of negative aspect are numerous. What I mean is these are also the choices that a person can enjoy even it is not beneficial for health. Furthermore, choices can be made to reside in many foreign nations also. For instances, people can reside in any nation permitted by their country and can enjoy their life and work in that particular country and even have a chance of being a permanent residence in that country. All is this is possible due to the excessive choice that people can enjoy today.

    To conclude, I believe that along with technology and modernization, the choices regarding various aspects are growing, but it is up to the people how they would make and enjoy their choices.

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